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Cameron-Price have been manufacturing this innovative low cost nebuliser for over 20 years. Developed for use where there is limited or no power sources available the manually operated nebuliser pump delivers filtered air to a nebuliser to provide medication for the patient.

Tested to the World Health Organisation schedule as detailed in the British Standards Institute report number 197426.

Low cost nebuliser designed for use where there is no power source available, the Cameron Price manually operated nebuliser pump delivers filtered air to drive a nebuliser which delivers prescribed medication for inhalation.

This self contained unit is easy to use, washable after use and can be operated by hand or foot. This nebuliser is light weight, easy to carry and is excellent as a back-up to electrical nebulisers.

The Foot pump nebuliser. In 1981 I described the use of a novel foot pump nebuliser for asthma patients as I was disheartened by aminophylline injections in the home for severe asthma attacks and also the cost of electric compressors. This device has been sold throughout the world for over twenty years and only just last year one of my patients purchased such an item on the web

This work was part of my GP trainee year and won me the local scheme Syntax prize. I became medical advisor to an engineering firm in Birmingham for two years while sales of their footpump rocketed. A highpoint in this affair was sitting with Albert Sabin the polio pioneer discussing the worldwide eradication of measles using the footpump nebuliser to deliver live measles vaccine as a mist rather than as an injection!

The footpump had its official evaluation in the British Journal of Chest Disease in 1985. It was described as an admirable addition to the range of equipment for use in nebuliser therapy.

Dr Nigel Masters. Feb 2007