Asthma Relief

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is the best place to keep a nebuliser?
A. Keep your nebuliser on a firm surface during use, ideally when stored the carry case will protect the nebuliser.

Q. How often should the nebuliser particle filter be changed?
A. Minimum every 12 months depending upon the environment.

Q. I am a corporate customer and would like to purchase 100 nebulisers, can I get a better price?
A. Yes for multiple purchases please login to our premier account.

Q. Is the nebuliser approved by anybody?
A. Yes, our nebuliser is tested to the World Health Organisation schedule as detailed in the British Standards Institute report number 197426.

Q. Does the carry case come in different colours?
A. No the carry case is only available in green.

Q. What is the benefit of your nebuliser?
A. Its low cost, low maintenance and the only nebuliser available that doesn't require a power source, making it a potentially lifesaving piece of equipment in areas where the power-supply is interrupted. It is also ideal as a backup to an electric or battery operated nebuliser for, walking, camping, hiking, travelling in caravans or holidaying abroad.