Asthma Relief

Maintaining your nebuliser

The pump needs very little maintenance. No lubrication is required. The parts listed below should be replaced at least at the intervals given.

Part Part No. Interval
Inlet filter 3031/1 6 months
Particle filter 2617/1 12 months
Spring 4387/1 1,000,000 pump strokes*
O-ring 2665/1 500,000 pump strokes*

* Number of pump strokes = number of strokes per minute x the average time of pumping x the number of nebulisations. This number of strokes is only likely to occur when the pump is used in a clinic.

Replacing the inlet filter

The inlet filter should be replaced at least every 6 months.

Twist and pull the inlet filter to remove it.

Throw it away.

Push the new filter firmly into place.

Replacing the particle filter.

The particle filter should be replaced at least every12 months.

Unscrew the filter anti-clockwise to remove.

Unscrew the filter and inspect it for cleanliness at monthly intervals. In very dusty conditions the filter may need replacing frequently. In humid conditions condensation may accumulate in the filter, which must be emptied out.

Screw the particle filter on again firmly to the stop.

Replacing the spring and O-ring

Pull the piston assembly out of the groove in the base.

Holding the cylinder in one hand, move the piston shaft from side to side to work the piston and the spring attached to it out of the cylinder.

Remove the spring and throw it away.

Push the O-ring to one side so that it is clear of the groove. Grip between finger and thumb and remove.

Throw the O-ring away and insert a new one.

When fitting the spring onto the piston take care to replace the spring with its small end over the boss in the centre of the piston. (It is a tight fit and holds in position).

When fitting the piston assembly into the cylinder first fit the spring over the boss at the far end of the cylinder. Then, holding the O-ring evenly in the groove, guide the piston into the cylinder taking care not to damage the O-ring. Firmly push the end cap into place.

Fault Finding Symptom Cause Remedy
Insufficient air volume and pressure O-ring worn. Replace O-ring.
Pedal does not rise. Broken spring. Replace spring.
Low air volume. Inlet filter dirty Wash or replace inlet filter.