Asthma Relief

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Read the "Instructions for Use" booklet before using the pump and always observe its recommendations.


Be careful not to trap fingers or toes in the frame when the pump is being operated. Always put the driving hand or foot on top of the pedal with all fingers well clear - see page 6.


Follow the cleaning instructions exactly. The nebuliser used with the pump must be washed every time it is used and allowed to dry.


Only authentic Cameron-Price spare parts may be used for maintenance. Read and follow the section on Maintenance on page 9.


The pump does not require service.


The nebuliser pump is designed to provide filtered air to drive a nebuliser which delivers a medicament for inhalation. This medicament must be prescribed for the user by a qualified medical practitioner.

The pump is intended for use in adverse climatic conditions at temperatures from +5deg C to +35 deg C, and at up to 65% relative humidity.

Do not use the pump:

  • for liquids;
  • without an inlet filter and a particle filter;
  • for inflating pneumatic equipment such as bicycle or car tyres.