Asthma Relief

Preparation for Use

On delivery remove the pump from the packaging and check the contents against the Packing List enclosed.

The pump

When delivered, the pump is completely assembled but the pedal is locked to the base frame. Release the lock by pressing with a finger.

Allow the pedal to rise into the operating position.

Push the tubing onto the pump outlet on the particle filter. If this is difficult to do, hold the tubing under hot running water for about a minute.

Do not allow water to run into the tubing.

The nebuliser

The general instructions given below may not apply to all nebulisers, so always follow the specific instructions for use provided with each nebuliser.

Check that the nebuliser is clean and dry.

Pour the prescribed dose of medicament into the liquid container as directed by the physician. Only do this immediately before use.

Push the tubing onto the connector which is in a different position on different nebulisers as shown.

Attach the nebuliser to the mask and put the mask on the face.

A mouthpiece may be used instead of a mask.






Pump either by hand or by foot.

When pumping by hand place the palm of the hand on the pedal. Keep the fingers horizontal so that they cannot be trapped under the pedal.

The pump can be operated by foot from a standing or a sitting position. When sitting, make sure that the chair is high enough. If it is too low pumping will be uncomfortable.

The pump may be operated with bare feet but be careful not to trap the toes. For maximum efficiency always allow the pump to rise fully before beginning a new pumping stroke, and, if this is done, a rate of about 40 strokes per minute will be achieved. Pump as instructed as by the doctor or until most of the medicament has been delivered.